Rodolfo was born and raised in México City, at the age of 18 he moved to Cancun with his family and started working on the tourism industry, at the age of 21 he got married with Yonatzin Lozano and moved to the City of Fort Collins Colorado in the US, their three Children where born in the US where they lived happily for 11 years.

Rodolfo became a drywall subcontractor and worked in the construction industry for that same period of time he did a lot of great projects among them he participated in the centers of disease control for a period of 6 months towards the final stage of construction.

Among his desire to pursue a college education and provide a better future for his kids he has a great passion for God and he has dedicated his life and his family to God as well, he is part of a ministry at his home church “The Bridge” being used for translating services to Spanish simultaneously and being part of the worship team. He is looking forward to keep letting God lead the way for him and his family.

He performs weddings along with Pastor Christian Carballo with great joy and happiness, those moments shared with people in love with each other are a true joy and he loves being part of that.